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Домашнее задание
Задание 1
Выбери правильный заголовок:

Youth sub-culture isn’t what it used to be. In the 1960s, youths who were protesting against their parents or society dressed a certain way to show their anger, or to feel like they belonged to something. Nowadays, parents are more accepting of their children, and society is more accepting of different people. There is less of a need to act out, so there are fewer sub-cultures as a result.

1) Short lifetime
2) Rebels no more
3) Internet sensation
4) Mixing styles
Задание 2
Выбери, что пропущено в тексте:

The typeface that many readers are familiar with, Times Roman, was commissioned by The Times. Under pressure to print the news in letters that were easier to read, in 1931 the newspaper asked a consultant, Stanley Morison, and a graphic artist, Victor Lardent, _______ .

1) to establishe its reputation by breaking a number of high-profile stories
2) to invent a typeface, which then became widely used in global publications
3) which forces readers to purchase a subscription to read full articles
4) to write reports about the events that were unfolding in the region

Задание 3
Ответь на вопрос по отрывку:

When he and some friends had visited the island for a holiday a couple of years before, he had fallen for the lifestyle hook, line and sinker. It had become his passion to find an excuse to live there extendedly. Of course, this meant he would actually have to do something while he was there to fund it all. It couldn’t be just days on end with nothing to do but lie on the beach or sit by a pool and chat about random things with the locals.
There were all sorts of fantastic opportunities he had in mind: be a yoga instructor, give kayaking lessons to tourists, give tours of the cultural centres on the island. Not only did he have the dream location in mind, but he had the dream job in his sights as well.

Martin’s dream jobs were all..

1) travel-related
2) hospitality-related
3) educational
4) sporty
Задание 4
Выбери правильный заголовок:

In the old days, it took quite a lot of cash to get the look you desired. If you wanted to be Goth, going out and buying black boots, black clothes and black jewellery would cost a considerable amount. It’s all become more affordable now, so you can belong to one youth sub-culture one week and another the next, more or less.

1) Money worries
2) Celebrity style
3) Shopping frenzy
4) Cheaper to buy
Задание 5
Выбери, что пропущено в тексте:

Petrushka is a character from Russian folk puppetry. Traditionally dressed in red, with a red kolpak, or pointed hat, Petrushka was a humorous fellow _______ .
Petrushka first came to life, so to speak, sometime in the 18th century during Empress Anna Ioannovnas reign.

1) whose persona was based on the personality of a court jester
2) to provide entertainment for both children and their parents
3) who entertained the empress during leisurely afternoons
4) which could also be heard in famous puppet shows of other countries
Задание 6
Ответь на вопрос по отрывку:

I am not one of those people, and that is why I have found myself in the desert. My decision to leave mv familiar surroundings and venture abroad was a selfish one wrapped in the packaging of helping others,
which I’ve accepted now. I may not have freely admitted that fact, or even known it, in the beginning. But I’m primarily an English teacher in Jordan because I was on a mission to help myself. It just looks as though I’m helping others, and that’s the naked truth.

The author believes he became a teacher because he ...

1) cares only for other people
2) is particularly good at it
3) wanted to learn something himself
4) thought it would be a good way to see the world
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